Sponsor a runner's bones


Help Us Fill Out the Skeleton by Race Day!

Each Mission costs approximately $40,000 in travel and logistics, and there are two missions planned for Team Ottawa in 2019. Many of the participants in the Feel it in Your Bones Run are collecting fundraising donations for their participation in the 2k, 5k, or 10k events. You can help support the Team Broken Earth Mission to Haiti by sponsoring a runner's bones. Help us to make this fun event a great success by sponsoring one of the runners through the donation button below. Thank-you for your Support!

Suggested Donation Amounts:

My Smallest Bone (Stapes): $25.00

My Weirdest Bone (Navicular): $50.00

My Funniest Bone (Humerus): $75.00

My Biggest Bone (Femur):  $100.00 

Note: All donations will be processed securely through RunningRoom.com. You will receive a donation tax receipt via email upon completion of your transaction.

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